Open Door Theatre Company based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, has been producing uncompromising theatre for over 15 years.

Often described as 'Edgy',  Political, 'Thought Provoking' and 'Challenging'

Our MANIFESTO for 2017 onwards:_

The United States have elected a new president.
The people of the United Kingdom have decided to leave the European Union.
We see a world in turmoil. We are shocked. We feel helpless.
We ask ourselves what we can do.
The Open Door Theatre Company has never shied away from tackling the challenging, the provocative, and the irritating.
We feel it is our duty to take a stand in this world of turmoil. To set out what we think is right, fair and just.
As directors and actors we produce work  that will give audiences food for thought and a different, sometimes uncomfortable perspective.
In a series of readings and plays over the coming of weeks and months we want to make other views and opinions heard. We live in a world of the polished façade. Where boob and bottom jobs dominate the headlines of the tabloids.
Where reckless and ruthless journalists feed the prurience of some sections of the society. Where politicians appeal to the lowest of emotions to stir up hatred and resentment for their own purposes.
Where TV presenters poke fun at performers and parade them in front of an audience to achieve higher ratings. Where we miss guidance from the pulpits because we have lost faith and respect for those occupying the pulpits who have disavowed themselves and lost credit with us through their actions contradicting what they preach.
The actors of today go back to the fools of bygone ages who said the truth in the presence of the powerful for entertainment, but were not to be taken for serious. The kings and churches have lost their power to the burghers, the bourgeois and the business. The need for the truth to be said could not be more salient or serious than today.
Join us taking a stand.